who WE ARE 

We are a bold, intrepid, enthusiastic team of doers, obsessed with results-oriented technology projects. We combine passion and efforts to solve problems and deliver on the promise. 

what WE DO 

ixodron designs and implements innovative IT solutions, allowing our clients to enhance their capabilities and operational efficiency, monetize their work, or add value for their customers. 

We have 2 focus areas: 

Datacenter infrastructure: networking, servers, virtualization, and security 

Microsoft ecosystem: Office 365, Azure, Dynamics ERP and CRM, complemented by Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis services  

why WE DO IT 

Dream of a scenario where instead of paddling through hundreds of datasheets and specs, you can rely on a technology partner who delivers the right needs-tailored solutions. Where businesses can focus on their core, revenue-generating activities.  

Dream of a scenario where your technology advisors bring new ideas and more productive tools with the potential to transform and make your business more successful. And the challenges less intimidating. 

Dream of a scenario where you delegate your technical problems, and you are free to grow and thrive. 

This is not a dream. This is our world. This is our vision.