How we do IT pages ?
Our goal is to make a difference in the way how the world around us works. We want to bring to you an out of the box way of thinking and materialize it through innovative technologies into modern and practical products.
We are fascinated by Machine Learning, a new and elemental trend in this technology specialized in computational statistic, pattern recognition, advanced people counter and behavioral automatization.
Artificial Intelligence is one of our favorite system to use and develop. We encapsulate this concept into complex projects in order to develop continuous and advanced systems.
Microservices are the ultimate developer’s dream. We are integrating this new software architecture concept into our projects because it allows us to rapidly build, test, update and repair an app in small independent pieces.
SOA – Service Oriented Architecture, is a new concept that encourages the exchange of information between apps or the services of an app.
Our product:
Voxel  E-Commerce is built using real-time, event-driven technology that will permit you to make updates faster, whenever is necessary without a single page reload, in your shop. We are faster, scalable, elastic, secure and innovative.Your product is unique and for that we use a modular concept, absolutely customizable with  proprieties that permit to be extended overwritten, or installed as a package.



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