The International College of Baia Mare, a Cambridge International School offers educational services for Primary, Secondary and Upper-Secondary levels.

Our learners follow the Cambridge Pathway from age 5 to 19. Our school is founded on the belief that children have the right to high quality educational services in order to make meaningful contributions to the world, to become future leaders and confident global citizens in their local and global societies.

We INSPIRE our students to grow and thrive emotionally, intellectually and physically, providing them with a global perspective on the world.

We are all here to LEARN and we consider academic progress to be an important part of the learning process of each and every student.

We EMPOWER learners to cultivate confidence, leadership, creativity and risk-taking, in preparation for higher education, future jobs and ultimately life itself.

Our school offers a large variety of academic programmes with a focus on innovation. Our extracurricular activities, partnerships and our wide-reaching programmes of community service, help learners develop interests and hobbies, forge lasting friendships, belong to teams, and learn the value of community.

In our school we:

  • aim to develop learning as an end in itself and as a way of living;
  • are ambitious about what and how our students learn;
  • value and promote knowledge by being rigorous, engaged and continuously open to professional development for teachers;
  • generate a network of human resources, i.e. teachers with an open and foldable mindset, adapted to the continuous innovation and changes in education.
  • nurture friendship, self-confidence, self-belief, strength of character and resilience in our pupils.

We support and promote the wellbeing of all those involved and responsible for the process of education.