Hypersay Events is a digital events platform created by a British startup with Romanian founders: Paul Balogh & Cristian Dinu. Backed by UK & US investors, Hypersay Events offers companies & brands the full range of functionalities to host and run events of up to 10,000 people, where no one feels alone.

On top of required features such as registration pages, multi-day events, live streaming, breakout rooms, ticketing, magic links, analytics, agenda, chat, etc. we also offer two unique features:


  • the ‘Front Row’, a group networking feature allowing attendees to watch and comment on the sessions with like-minded people. Create or join a FrontRow and start making those connections.
  • best-in-the-industry support for multi-language events: we currently support automated subtitles, automated translations, human captioners, human interpreters, and sign language.

Book a demo here: https://calendly.com/paul-balogh/one-on-one-hypersay-events-demo


Visit webpage: https://hypersay.events