Geo Strategies works with organisations across industries and government to help inform decisions based on market, demographics (consumer) and location characteristics. Founded in 1993, with offices in Cambridge and Sibiu, , the Group has become the leading supplier of geographic and geo-marketing intelligence for Central and Eastern Europe.

The core expertise is built around geospatial data products, analytical and modelling tools, consumer segmentation, bespoke data services, consultancy, training, and project management. The company has developed and licences unique information products for and carries out specialist GIS data and location-centric services. Bespoke consultancy projects for both local and international customers are supported by the full range infrastructure and expertise available from Geo Strategies for, and in.

This expertise has been developed according to internationally recognised best practices and methodologies, to which significant innovation and value is being added to make it relevant and actionable in the local context. Geo Strategies’ customer list includes companies from across industries: from financial services, telecommunications, FMCG, retail, real estate, automotive and media, to central and local government. The company is well-established as a key industry supplier of the products and expertise required for both national and cross-border, spatial and geo-marketing services. Geo Strategies’ product and services portfolio, together with their global partnerships, enable them to serve organisations in nearly 30 countries world-wide.

Geo Strategies is a Navteq (Nokia) partner for data for navigation mapping, and MapInfo (Pitney Bowes) for GIS (Geographic Information Systems).