Farmavet Group is one of the leading organizations in the Romanian vet industry. Farmavet went through major transformations since 1998 and became a modern & trustful partner. Since 2019, Farmavet Group entities are part of CEE Equity Partners investments, with focus on accelerated growth of the company.

Within the group are three entities: Farmavet (the distribution expert), having its retail channel functioning under Veterra brand and Pasteur Filiala Filipesti & FNC Nutritie Pietroiu (the manufacturing sites). The synergy and complementarity of these entities allow us to operate effectively, in a coordinated manner.

Our portfolio includes over 3000 products, both manufactured in Romania or imported. Nowadays, we target more than 7200 customers, and have established ourselves as a specialist in the supply of veterinary products such as anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, otics and ophthalmics, vaccines, vitamins, food supplements, etc.

Farmavet products are available through the distribution network dedicated to pharmacies, professional vet clinics and farms, as well as through its own chain of veterinary pharmacies dedicated to pet owners and households. The distribution network includes a modern central hub in Filipeşti, which supplies the local warehouses, ensuring effective national coverage. The pharmacy chain channel counts almost 200 points of sales and is an affordable and accessible option for veterinary medicines and products, in urban and rural areas.

Farmavet has a vast geographical expansion with B2B and B2C coverage. Through our presence, product portfolio, long-term collaborations with manufacturers and long-standing experience, we are a crucial and trustworthy partner for farmers and veterinarians to rely on.