The FARA Foundation was founded in 1991 in order to transform the lives of abandoned children into state institutions in Romania. FARA is accredited in Romania and in the UK and aims to support the most vulnerable children and young people.

Our mission is to transform the lives of marginalized children and young people who come from Romania’s poorest communities. We offer specialized therapy, access to education and training, a home and a loving family.

Our vision is that of a world in which young people and children can develop freely and with dignity, in a safe and loving environment, in which to live full lives, regardless of ability or disability.

Our values ​​are the basis of the whole activity and are: we act with kindness and compassion; we respect the human dignity of each person; we believe in practical care; we strive to build a just society; we collaborate responsibly in all sections of society; we strive to be a good practice organization.

Social services that we are offering:

  1. Family type house, for children temporarily or permanently deprived of the care of the biological family – since 1997 in Suceava, at the moment we have 12 children in care with ages between 6 and 15 years old and 3 students.
  2. Recovery centers for children with special needs – since 2010, in Suceava, Fălticeni, Popești-Leordeni. We offer free terapies to more then 260 children up to 12 y.o. from very poor families.
  3. Transit Centers for young people in difficulty (between 18 and 26 years old, who were institutionalized) – since 2003, in Satu Mare and Popești-Leordeni. In this moment we help 20 young adults with ages between 18 and 25 y.o., but over the years we help almost 200 young adults.
  4. Home for life for young people and adults with disabilities (who have been institutionalized), 20 people between 18 and 34 years old, since 2010. The houses are in the villages of Cacica and Ciumulesti in Suceava County. 5. Tackling Poverty through Education – in poor communities in rural areas, for children and their families. Since 2005 in Arbore commune, Suceava county, continued since 2010 in Bahna Arini (Preutești), Baia, Bogata and Basarabi localities, Suceava county. We promote education as a way out of poverty by providing a free programme across six rural primary schools and kindergartens. We support 289 children and their families with the help with teachers, catering staff and social workers that we empoyed. FARA strives to transform the attitude towards school, to develop a strong relationship with the families and in doing so, create brighter futures for the children.

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