Providing multidisciplinary engineering excellence.

Few companies have been in business for over 140 years. F&R Worldwide combines the proven history of its successful US parent company, Froehling & Robertson, Inc. – established in 1881, with the entrepreneurial spirit of a passionate European team of engineers and scientists. With offices in Romania, Austria, and the United States, F&R Worldwide helps businesses and governments around the world meet today’s environmental, geotechnical, construction and health & safety challenges. A team of over 100 planners, engineers, geologists, chemists, and regulatory specialists, linked to over 400 experts worldwide, successfully completed numerous infrastructure, petrochemical, industrial and agricultural projects in Romania as well as countries such as Republic of Moldova, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, or Tajikistan. F&R Worldwide’s Euro-code trained experts provide professional engineering services to achieve superior cost-effective design solutions.

F&R Worldwide – Environmental, Geotechnical, Construction Support (fandr.ro)