We believe that clean, pure air should be available to everyone, not only for the blessed ones living in green, unpolluted areas. We know that reality is far away from this almost utopian scenario.

Starting with this in our mind, we wanted to challenge the status quo. We have succeeded and now it is our aim to bring the purest air from the virgin forests of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains to everyone who needs and deserves a deep breath of fresh air.


We travel to the heart of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains to obtain the purest air possible, using a proprietary technology called clean compression, locking in the pure air without any contamination.

Timing is everything, so we collect the air half an hour after sunrise because our studies show that air is at its best quality during this specific period.

Our cans, built from high quality materials, are then ready to be delivered to people around the globe.


Our products are created starting from the same principle (canned pure, fresh air from the heart of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains), but they each have their own particularities in order to address different areas of need.

Elite Air is designed for athletes, whether professional or amateur, due to the benefits that this pure, fresh air brings to their day-to-day performances. For more details related to this product, click here.

Energy Air brings breaths of fresh air to everyone who needs an extra boost. It offers a safe, revitalizing experience in an easy-to-carry can that enables people to use it anywhere.