Domeniul Bogdan was born from a dream…the dream of producing an exceptional and totally natural wine.

Respect for Life in all its forms is the base of our philosophy: respect for Nature, for the Earth, plants,animals, insects, the environment of the people working on the farm and, last but not least, for the people who consume our wines.

The vines cultivation  is based on the biodynamic viticulture principles under the guidance of agronomist doctor in Biodynamics Leonello Anello, one of the most renowned specialists in the field.

We chose to cultivate our entire area according to the biodynamic agriculture principles – the Life forces science, this being the best way to obtain vines with a very good vitality. This method of cultivation allows terroir to express itself through the development of authentic flavors and the production of wines with personality.

Domeniul Bogdan wines, elegant, intensely fruity, totally natural, reflect our respect for Nature and the passion with which they were created.

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