We defend the law since 2012

We are a law firm founded in 2012, which has built a solid reputation in fiscal law matters, be it legal advice, legal representation in tax inspections or administrative and fiscal contentious litigation.

At the same time, we provide legal assistance and representation on the full spectrum of commercial law, in general, and corporate law, in particular. Our practice covers niche areas as well, such as urban development law, IP law and white-collar crime.

Our interdisciplinary team, managed by Luisiana Dobrinescu and Dumitru Dobrev, comprises both lawyers and tax advisors, which confers a distinct advantage in the relevant market, enabling us to provide practical solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs.

We consider that the key factors ensuring our success are our efficient thinking, our passion for law as well as our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industries and business acumen. Our partners’ availability and our team’s flexibility are highly valued in the market, distinguishing us from our competitors.

We believe in authenticity and in leading by moral example. We take chances, we rely on courage and believe in the lawyer’s chance to bring a positive contribution to the business environment.

Our greatest professional achievements consist of achieving a success rate of almost 90% in fiscal appeals and administrative contentious case files (urban development and fiscal law) and building an outstanding team of people and reputable professionals.

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