CONADI – Your path to the desired outcome in real estate.


For over 25 years we have been winning battles in the integrated real estate development field. CONADI is a Romanian real estate company founded in 1997, specialized in Real Estate Brokerage, Business Development, Owner Representation, Project Management, Valuation and Property Management.


We are anchored in reality, in a pragmatic vision of the world in which only facts are bringing forth the Truth. Beyond abstract thoughts and visions, we seek to bring value through concrete, easily quantifiable and spectacular results. Customer figures are testimony to the success of our actions.


The over 25 years of experience in the consulting and real estate development field, have brought dozens of large successful projects where results and figures validated the expertise of each team’s member. We focus on the customer’s interests using a consultative approach and total implication, aiming for a superior experience that will deliver value for our partners. Having a strong entrepreneurial orientation, and a quality-of-service value as part of our organizational culture, our company is a top player in the Romanian market developing an impressive portfolio of clients, with a long history of important projects.