Clear Public Space Ltd runs the project A Future without Rubbish™, and is starting a Romanian association of the same name.

Through regular, long-term work, the project drives at defeating a scourge of modern Romania – public rubbish and litter – with all of the components of ‘SCBC’ (School, Council, Business, Community).  Our starting points in Romania have been UNESCO-listed sites, and Cisnadie nr Sibiu. Our involvement in a community is only for the long term.

So, a community requests Un Viitor fără Gunoi to start. We then forge a union of ‘SCBC’. Once united by us, together they work Un Viitor fără Gunoi.

“Innovative and very important” is how Caroline Fernolend, UNESCO-listed-village-councillor, called it.

“Romania needs this project” is what UNESCO-listed- village- Mayor Pinte said when it started, “it should become a model for other communes” he added.

And he is right!  It has, and is taking hold…. Contact us! Join us? @ info@clearpublicspace.org

Following 5 years of research, A Future without Rubbish™ started in the Spring of 2016, and is growing steadily (and exponentially) across Romania.

Soon (thanks to CPSL and other organisations and people) it’ll be “o Națiune fără Gunoi!”