We started in 1994 developing one of the first integrated management software systems in Romania (SocrateERP) and grew up with the first customers who believed in us. We implemented the Socrate solution in the years that followed in dozens of retail, distribution and production companies. Passionate about technology, software and economics, we have always sought to improve, and we have continually developed and grown people, products, and services.

BITSoftware became part of the Entersoft Group in 2022 and is now one of the most important suppliers of business software in Romania, with a vast product portfolio, covering company and departmental needs, with ERP, CRM, Retail, WMS, e-Invoicing, Mobile Field Sales & Service and BI, for almost all verticals.

BITSoftware maintains close relationships with technology companies, having international partners such as Amazon, Google, MicroStrategy and Microsoft, but also with implementation and development partners for its solutions: Wisoft Professional Services, WebArk and GreenSoft. These partnerships have enabled BITSoftware to draw on the resources and expertise of key market players to help develop state of the art software solutions.

Due to the complexity of the company’s activity, business solutions have also become complex, important for the success of an organization using such systems is not only the quality and functionality, but also the way they are implemented. BITSoftware offers the best services and methodologies that ensure a lean implementation, in order to meet its clients’ business objectives.

At BITSoftware we enjoy working together and the results show it. BITSoftware promotes ongoing training and development and encourages its employees to aim high for themselves and for the company. BITSoftware’s work environment fosters professional growth, collaboration and dedication to client.


22 Nicolae Iorga St., Brasov – 500057, Romania


Email: contact@bitsoftware.ro