The Valentina Romania Association was created in 2002 at the initiative of a team of French volunteers and a group of specialists in the field of child protection in order to offer close assistance to disadvantaged families in sector 5 of Bucharest. The category of beneficiaries are families with very low incomes or single mothers with several children. Most of them live in the Ferentari neighborhood in an environment where the health, education and moral formation of children are in real danger.

The main objective of the association is the prevention of school and family dropout, school and preschool education being essential for children’s future. Experience shows that the exclusion starts from the moment they enter primary school, in the case of children who have not attended kindergarten. The actions of the Valentina association want to develop the whole family, in its various components, in order to eliminate exclusion and regain dignity through family stability, professional insertion and decent living conditions.

The Valentina Association supports 100 children and their families by running the following projects:

  • Pre-schooling: facilitating access to preschool education in state kindergartens for 60 children aged between 3-6 years, by covering the costs of food and supplies;

  • After-school: educational support for doing homework, extracurricular and socializing activities, providing supplies and a hot meal for 40 children aged between 7-18 years in the day center of the association;

  • Professional reinsertion: counseling and financial support for parents who want to follow a professional training course as well as support in looking for a job.

  • Housing rehabilitation: financial aid to improve living conditions;

  • Counseling: Socio-economic and psychological assistance and counseling services for parents and children as well as medical and hygiene follow-up for the harmonious general development of children.

Every year we identify new needs and our mission is to respond to these needs.

Asociatia Valentina (valentina-romania.ro)