Air BP is the specialised aviation division of BP, providing fuels, lubricants & services to our customers in over 50 countries worldwideAir.

We are one of the world’s largest suppliers of both aviation fuels (both Jet Kerosene & Aviation Gasoline) and lubricants (for both turbine and piston-engined aircraft) currently supplying over 26 million tonnes (around 8 billion gallons) of aviation fuels and lubricants to our customers across the globe per annum. Air BP is represented at over 600 airports in some 50 countries, with local offices in almost half of these countries.

As part of the wider BP Group, we draw upon the company’s wealth of experience in project consultancy and financing, procurement services, research and laboratory centres, training and emergency response. Air BP’s global trading, supply and logistics network enables us to source and supply product in line with our customers requirements. In addition, we provide technical services and engineering consultancy to partners worldwide.