Make the most of your investment in CRM

Date:17/02/2022 10:00 am
Location: Online

The multitude of offerings available in the CRM space makes it difficult for companies to sort through hype, brand, and real capabilities that would fit their needs and processes.

With an extensive experience in this field, Retina accelerates and optimizes the selection of a suitable CRM platform and configures, deploys, and integrates it into the company’s ecosystem.

Retina’s partnership with Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, SugarCRM, Zoho, etc., position them as your ideal partner to ensure the success of your CRM investment, from the beginning and continuously.


  • Comparison between platforms
  • Selection criteria
  • Success Factors
  • Retina’s expertise
  • Q&A

About the Company

Retina is a global communications and technology services company, combining expert services with strategy, creative, and technology for the world’s most innovative companies.

Retina brings top global project’s know-how to local markets. To optimize their extensive expertise with go to market strategies and technologies, Retina partners with top marketing and CRM software vendors such as Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, and HCL.  

In the US, Retina has been named for two consecutive years “The Agency of The Year” by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the industry’s largest and most respected organization in marketing and advertising. Retina also received the title “2020 Agency of the Year” by the Drum, the largest Marketing Community in Europe. Retina has won numerous other awards for its strategies, creative, content, technology, and overall entrepreneurship and growth.

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About the Speakers

Silvian Centiu is an innovative leader with extensive experience in go-to-market, communication, entrepreneurship, management, education, engineering and digital transformation. 

He is an industry veteran of several Fortune 500 companies: Oracle, Sony, Aetna, Cisco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, HP Enterprise, Bank of Montreal, etc., having provided leadership for hundreds of complex and challenging technical and business projects on all continents.

Silvian co-founded Retina/Transiris while completing a Masters at Stanford University. Silvian is teaching at ASE Bucharest and has previously taught at leading universities around the world.

Fabian Moldoveanu leads Retina’s CRM and marketing technology teams as its director of digital transformation.

Over the years he has implemented, integrated and operated numerous marketing and CRM platforms for large organizations such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Stanford University, HP Enterprise, Fujitsu, BMO, Cora, Cisco, and many others.

Fabian’s business acumen and expertise with cutting-edge technologies have proven critical for solving some of the toughest business and technical problems encountered by Retina’s clients.

Andrei Ilinca is part of Retina’s CRM, RPA and marketing technology teams as one of its managers of digital transformation.

Stanford University and Thermo Fisher Scientific are just two of the many organizations where he has used his knowledge to implement and integrate CRM platforms as well as leverage his RPA knowledge to overcome limitations and bring projects to a next level.

Andrei’s expertise with various technologies has been essential in overcoming numerous technical and business impediments. With the help of RPA he has brought simple and fast solutions to various CRM problems faced by Retina’s clients.