Love Light Romania, a charitable organization committed to supporting vulnerable groups, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking initiative, “Recycle. Support. Nourish: Bottles Feeding Lives.” This program aligns with our dual goals of environmental sustainability and providing essential nourishment to those we serve.


Love Light Romania kicked off this initiative by converting two sacks of collected plastic bottles into a voucher worth 56 lei, which was used to purchase essential food items for residents of the Sanctuary. In March alone, we prepared 1,395 meals, ensuring that each of our 15 residents at our care home for adults with disabilities, received three nutritious meals daily. This innovative recycling initiative not only supports our environmental goals but also helps cover the monthly food costs of 4185 lei, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and care.


The “Recycle. Support. Nourish” initiative aims to cover at least 2000 lei each month from recycled bottles to support our Sanctuary’s food costs. By recycling plastic bottles, we not only foster environmental stewardship but also secure vital nutrition for our residents, costing 289 lei per person per month.

Call for Participation:

We are calling upon individuals and businesses to participate in this sustainable effort. Donations of plastic bottles or the vouchers from recycling them are greatly appreciated. We also invite companies to host collection bins, promoting a culture of recycling and community support within their operations.

Quote from the Founder:

Jo Jowett, founder of Love Light Romania, emphasizes, “Our ‘Recycle. Support. Nourish’ project is about more than just sustainability; it’s about community empowerment and practical charity. Every recycled bottle not only contributes to environmental health but directly enhances the lives of those in need.”

How to Get Involved:

For more information or to join this impactful initiative, please visit https://forms.gle/M4VzjEYSLw6KzdHb6 to fill out the participation form, or contact us directly at rob@lovelightromania.com.

Contact Information:

Robert Rowe


Love Light Romania

Email: rob@lovelightromania.com

Phone: 0762613593

Website: www.lovelightromania.com