Local Companies – International Perspectives

Date:06/04/2023 5:00 pm
Location: Grand Hotel Traian, Iași

Event description – April 6, 2023, 5:00 – 8:00 PM, Grand Hotel Traian, Iași

Many entrepreneurs talk about “going global,” but becoming a strong global brand isn’t just about expanding to international markets. It is also imperative to succeed in those markets and to build a solid company.

Throughout our speakers’ expertise, case studies, and best practices all participants will receive relevant insights and inspirational ideas to take their business to an international level.

The event panel includes renowned professionals with a paramount background related to the conference’s general topic:

*Ionuț NACHE – Owner INAQ Consulting, IFS Representative in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Western Balkans Countries

* Tiberiu Tiberiu STROE – Clients Director, State Funds Division, EximBank

*Daniela NECEFOR – Founder, Total Business Solutions

*Dan BERINDE – Managing Partner, Coaching Partners

*Dan DRĂGHICI – General Manager, Drăghici Dental

*Alexandru DEBREZENI – President of the SCEB Grand Council of Romania

*Nicu Severin SÂNZIANU – Managing Consultant, Premian

*Mehmet SUMEROGLU – SCEB Chairman

*Ana CIOBANU – Expert One-Stop-Stop Office and Ecosystem Builder for eDIH-DIZ, North-East region, Romania

*Andrei PODEANU – Major Account Manager, DHL





Alexandru Debrezeni

With significant experience in business and Public Affairs, Alexandru Debrezeni is a member of ANEVAR and a partner in the MAPPS Master Appraisal company. As President of the SCEB Grand Council of Romania, he is actively involved in the SCEB’s national and international development.



Our distinguished event partners are:

  • Diamond Partner: INAQ Consulting
  • Gold Partner: Cost Contab Group
  • Silver Partner: EximBank
  • Wine Partner: Cricova Winery
  • Supporting Partners: MBS Group, Nomade Communication, MAPPS
  • Media Partners: Bursa, TheBizz, The Diplomat, Transilvania Business, Oameni si Companii si Events Online, Business Mark.

Event language: Romanian


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