Live & Work in the United Kingdom

Date:10/11/2022 12:00 pm
Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest

Learn about the UK’s attractive residency visas for entrepreneurs and business investors from experienced London-based immigration experts Visa Kings Global.

Discover how business visas can allow you, as well as your dependent family to live and work in the UK and also how to plan a reliable route to permanent settlement.

Residency rights under a business visa provide access to the same many benefits enjoyed by British citizens — both for you, and for your family. These range from the financial stability and opportunity afforded by the UK’s modern economy, to world-class schooling and healthcare. Many of our clients particularly value the security and relaxed lifestyle found in the UK.

Visa Kings Global have achieved successful visas for individual clients and businesses around the world with very different business backgrounds and immigration goals.

Attend our free seminar in Bucharest and ask our immigration experts your questions!


Harvey Shulman

Harvey holds a Master’s Degree in Law and has over three decades of experience working with start-ups and advising clients on legal matters. As Managing Director of the Solitaire Property Group, Harvey oversaw the management of 25,000 units with an insured value of £4 Billion GBP. Harvey is an active member of the angel community and is regularly invited to speak at events to share his expertise.




Muzaffar Saydiganiev

Muzaffar has held senior positions in investment banking, where he managed investment projects with a value of $2 Billion USD. Muzaffar holds a BSc in Banking, an MSc in International Business Economics, and a Diploma in Project Preparation and Appraisal.





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