The convergence of technology & globalisation has transformed value creation and strategy.  Wherever digital disruption takes place value is shifting into hub businesses that are able to aggregate trust.  This is changing the most basic laws of economics and strategy.  Whilst most managers remain focussed upon process efficiency, productivity and control, management is increasingly about adaptability and critical thinking in winner takes all markets.  In this webinar we will show how value creation has shifted, key tools to structure thinking about disruptive markets and examples to help you thrive.

Dr. Andrew Taylor

Andrew is currently Senior Lecturer in Leadership & Change University of Staffordshire (UK). With over twenty three years of business experience across Europe, N. America & Asia, as a head-hunter, management consultant, interim HR Director,  learning facilitator and business school lecturer (University of Hull), Andrew has worked for a wide range of multinational clients such as Coca-Cola, Holcim, AIG, PwC, GSK, Deloitte, Orange, Volksbank, ING, Vodafone and many more.

The founder of Connect CEE (consulting) and Endike Associates (executive search), he has also written for current affairs magazines & academic journals.


An accomplished public speaker, Andrew is skilled at working an audience to ensure that events are exciting, fun and deliver real learning value.  Whilst his training as a researcher allows him to quickly identify the key trends that are affecting organisational success.  A natural leader, Andrew is able to mobilise support for and deliver organisational changes which are difficult and not always comfortable for those involved.

Principal author (co-authored) of: Taking Care Of Business: Innovation, Ethics & Sustainability (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, RoPrint, 2013) and People, Place & Global Order: Foundations of a Networked Political Economy (London: Routledge, 2019)

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Please find here the recording of the webinar.