The BRCC invites you to our one-hour Zoom webinar, in which you will learn how to capture the journey from challenge to leadership presence and how can you do it in your work environment. 

You should not miss the opportunity of dealing with a “good” difficult conversation, because it brings up a couple of benefits. 


Some of the turning points that we will pin in our meeting are:

*What should you understand about difficult conversations?

*What should be you focus question?

*What does a difficult conversation actually mirror?

*What are the 2 leadership abilities and 1 question that creates space for managing the situation on the right track?

*How can you turn difficult conversations into a brainstorming to get solutions & real results in less than 10 minutes?

Join this webinar and learn not only how to deal with difficult conversations but how can you thrive your performance through them.


Oana Niculae – Leadership & Executive Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach by ICF, Country Leader Points of You Romania.

„My professional objective is to involve every individual into his own learning and growing experience, and sustain him to reach a higher leadership and executive presence by taking responsibility over his own initiatives and team results. My professional philosophy is that of creating a personalized system of parallel growing development processes between awareness, management, leadership and smart objectives. The aim is to hit the performance objectives while developing professional standards.”