Accidents at work are, a delicate subject, but the way they are handled when they occur is crucial both for the smooth running of your business as well as for the wellbeing of you employees. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 337 million accidents occur at work each year and no business is immune to the risk of occupational accidents.

What is a work accident?

An accident at work is an unplanned event that occurs during work and leads to physical or mental injury. In Romania, these accidents are regulated by law 319 of 2006 on safety and health at work. There are several types of accidents that can be considered work-related accidents. Depending on their severity, they are grouped into the following categories:

  • Accident at work – causes temporary or even permanent disability and covers incidents that occur during working hours, performing work tasks.
  • Minor accident – causes only minor injuries that require basic medical care, and the recovery time is less than three days.
  • Hazardous incidents – such as explosions, fires, or emissions caused by a malfunction of equipment or work tools, or a human error in operation.
  • Occupational disease – usually caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or toxins specific to the workplace, but also by physical overload in the performance of work duties.


From the perspective of the effects produced, we have:

  • Accidents at work that cause temporary incapacity for work for at least three calendar days.
  • Accidents that cause disability in the medium and long term.
  • Fatal accident.
  • Collective work accidents, when at least three people are injured simultaneously, due to the same cause.


What can you do to keep your business going?

Even if unpleasant events cannot be completely prevented, they are, in fact, unpredictable by their nature, you can organize things so that both the company and the employees have financial support in case of these accidents.

Groupama insurance solutions are:

  • Group accident insurance is the right solution both for employees covering damages such as death, hospitalization and temporary incapacity for work caused by work accident and after the expiration of the policy, if the event took place during the insured period, but also for you because it helps you to maintain predictability in terms of business continuity.
  • If you need insurance to provide coverage from the first day of hospitalization in the event of a work accident, as well as the possibility of extending coverage 24 hours a day, then Group life insurance is the best choice for you and your team. Thus, your employees will be permanently protected from the consequences of a possible work accident, and you will benefit from advice for choosing the optimal insurance package, thus optimizing the insurance costs.
  • also Collective complete medical insurance helps you to have a healthy team, combining both outpatient and inpatient medical services. Thus, you benefit from multiple coverages, included in a package created especially for companies, and your employees feel safe, knowing that both they and their family members have access to quality medical care.
  • Group travel insurance covers work-related accidents that may occur while traveling abroad.


Insurance helps you minimize the impact of work accidents after they have occurred, but good organization can help you avoid or manage them in a shorter time. As an employer, your main legal obligations are in the field of accident prevention. This means that you must have a clear and well-structured plan for technical, health, organizational and other interventions in the event of accidents at work. At the same time, you need to make sure that your business is up-to-date for work protection, to provide adequate equipment for day-to-day work, but also to properly select and inform future employees. If, however, a work-related accident occurs, it must be reported immediately to the territorial labor inspectorate, the insurer or, if necessary, to the courts.


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