In the fast-paced landscape of technology, Roweb Development has not only proven its impact since its inception in 2004 but has also emerged as a transformative force dedicated to community empowerment. Under the overarching theme of the “Sustaining Performance” campaign, Roweb’s endeavors in 2023 were centered around investing in education, modernizing infrastructure, and actively supporting various local initiatives. The company’s unique journey, spearheaded by CEO Viorel Costea and Managing Partners Gabriel Rosu, Mirel Ionescu, and Razvan Veliscu, reflects a commitment to shaping an empowered community while navigating the dynamic realms of the technology industry. (discover their stories https://www.roweb.ro/blog/category/for-the-love-of-programming/ )

Take a look at some of the initiative Roweb had in 2023:

Investing in education: cultivating future talent

Recognizing the importance of education in shaping the future, Roweb sponsored robotics teams from prestigious colleges in Pitesti, including TehnoZ from “Zinca Golescu” College and BROBOTI from “Ion C. Brătianu” College. This not only enabled these teams to participate in international and national competitions but also showcased Roweb’s commitment to fostering technological innovation at the grassroots level.

Moreover, Roweb organized educational events at its headquarters, providing high school students with valuable insights into the IT industry. Real-life scenarios were presented, guiding students toward building successful careers in technology. As part of its commitment to education, Roweb modernized informatics labs in local colleges and the University of Pitesti, enhancing the learning environment for aspiring students.

Community impact beyond technology: supporting performers and social causes

Roweb’s “Sustaining Performance” Community Impact campaign extended beyond the realm of technology, providing financial support to local performers and individuals facing severe illnesses. The company sponsored Eriko Nitu, a student from I.C. Bratianu College, allowing him to participate in the Mondial Championship of Ashihara Karate in Japan, where he emerged victorious. Dance competitions, freshman balls, and initiatives at schools like Basarab received backing, reflecting Roweb’s commitment to the holistic development of the community.


Impactful community investments: enhancing educational environments

Arges County, with 5 Olympians in the international team and 63 awards at national Olympics, boasts valuable human resources. In 2023, Roweb invested in optimizing the educational environment for local performers by modernizing laboratories at colleges in Pitesti and the University of Pitesti. Additionally, the company sponsored robotics teams and various educational programs, further solidifying its commitment to community growth.

Roweb Development’s 2023 journey under the “Sustaining Performance” campaign illustrates a company deeply rooted in community empowerment. From nurturing young talent to investing in education, infrastructure, and local initiatives, Roweb continues to be a driving force in shaping an empowered and thriving community. As the company focuses on growing local communities, providing real job opportunities, and supporting social causes, it sets a remarkable example for responsibility in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.