This pandemic has definitely changed the way students were used to the traditional learning. Nowadays schools face a time to re-adapt and transform E-learning as the key instrument for interactions. Now that schools have started, it is interesting to see if they are able to e-learn exclusively or in a traditional way as well.


Brian Daly

Brian is an ex-Investment Banker who transitioned into Education Technology in 2013.  He is American, lives in London and is currently the Commercial Director of Hypersay.

Dorin Călin

Dorin is Operational Director and joined the Junior Achievement Romania team in 2006. In JA, he managed the entrepreneurship education program, financial education programs, external funding programs, various projects and competitions, and the ITC infrastructure and tools. He has extensive experience in implementing and managing international projects, being project manager for 5 European grants.


About the event:

How have the schools adapted to the new way of teaching?

How will schools look in the following months  and what advice do you have for students?

These are only a few questions our experts will answer on the 2nd Edition of our E-learning Conference.

This is an opportunity to engage in new conversations with industry key experts and discuss on various scenarios and contingency plans that education business should be developing. Discover what it’s needed, what it’s lacking, and how you can fill the gap.

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