Drive new leads to your website through online marketing campaigns

We constantly search online for products and services that we are interested in. That is one of the reasons online marketing became critical to almost any company.

Even if you don’t own an online store, it doesn’t mean that digital marketing can’t help your business grow.

Online campaigns are used intensively by service companies (HR, financial, consulting etc) with B2C or B2B activities, helping them to drive leads and grow their brand awarness.

Reasons to attend:

  • Find out how your business can benefit from online presence and campaigns
  • See which online channels are suitable for your business objectives
  • You have the opportunity to receive answers from an experienced specialist

Ana Florea – Co-founder Gun Media

  • Gun Media co-founder, online marketing agency focused on Pay Per Click & SEO
  • I coordinate digital marketing strategies in Gun Media
  • Over 9 years of experience in online marketing
  • I managed and got envolved in online campaigns for brands like: Automobile Bavaria, Secom, Best Tires Shop, Evolio, Mușat & Asociații, German Electronics, Colop, Metro, World Class, Naturlich, Romfour and many others.


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