As a Chamber of Commerce, one of our greatest strengths is connecting our business community.

On this occasion, we invite you to join our 2nd edition of Doing Business in Romania, a virtual conference where you will learn more about our top experts on the business opportunities in Romania and how to access it.



Are you interested in finding out more about doing business in Romania? Join our online Roundtable discussion to find out more and gain practical advice from people on the ground.

As one of the fastest growing economies in Central Eastern Europe, Romania presents a wealth of opportunities for UK companies in many sectors. Romania’s growth was strong in 2019 at 4.1 % as well as private consumption, up 5.9 %- the main driver of growth, supported by wage and pension increases.

Strategically well positioned, Romania provides an important springboard to the rest of the region. As part of the EU, Romania stands for an incredible market opportunity in terms of size and population offering investors a high market potential as the second largest country in CEE and the largest in SEE.

Currently, there are opportunities in all sectors for UK companies. Sectors to consider are: agriculture and agri-tech industry; FMCG; construction, infrastructure and related services; power and energy; education; technology and sourcing etc.

Join us for an interactive webinar where you will learn from our top-level experts about the some obstacles, as well as solutions and visions for the upcoming months.


This webinar will cover:

  • General market outlook on Romania, especially during the actual context
  • Opportunities for UK companies
  • Case Study of a company doing business in Romania
  • Assistance and advice regarding entering THE Romanian market


Who will benefit from this event?

  • UK Companies interested in export/import in Romania
  • Investors
  • Novice exporters/importers



Cristiana Pambuccian – Commercial Manager at Entersoft* Romania


Cristiana has more than 25 years working experience in different sales and client service roles mostly in IT and Market Research. Now she manages directly and indirectly a portfolio of almost 100 clients of all sizes and from all activity domains. She also brought in Entersoft’s portfolio one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world. Work and personal wise Cristiana believes in people and that everything is based human interaction. Apart from her work, Cristiana likes to spend time with her family and she has a 6 y.o. child.

*Entersoft’s mission is to offer innovation through integrated business solutions such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence), Mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation), xVan (Van Sales), Retail and WMS (Warehouse Management System).


NICHOLAS HAMMOND – Managing Partner Hammond Partnership

Nicholas Hammond is an English solicitor who has been working in Romania and practising law since 1990.  Prior to his arrival in Romania, he managed a major law firm based in the City of London who decide to open an office in Eastern Europe.  He opened a law office in Bucharest in June 1990 becoming the first law office to be registered in Romania after the revolution.  Subsequently he transferred the Romanian office to  leading City of London Law Firm and ran their office in Bucharest for a number of years. 

He subsequently decided to open his own law Firm in Romania which he did and has been operating and managing this own office since 2004.  The Firm Hammond and Associates trading as Hammond Partnership.

During his time in Romania, he has dealt with all aspects of Romanian law both for Companies and individuals, Romanian and foreign.  He is experienced in many fields of law but has concentrated on corporate and all aspects of commercial matters including real estate.

He was for many years a director of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce and assisted in its development in Romania.


BOGDAN CANGE – Managing Partner, Business Development, Fortim Trusted Advisors  

Bogdan Cange, in his capacity of Managing Partner with Fortim Trusted Adviser, the Exclusive Alliance of BNP Paribas Real Estate in Romania, is a highly experienced professional in the the office and commercial real estate sector in Romania. During his career assisted a plethora of clients concluding  numerous office leasing transactions working with a broad range of landlords, occupiers, investors and developers.

He holds a Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations and Masters in Project Management from Bucharest University of Economic Studies and  a Real Estate Appraisal Certification from ANEVAR (Romanian National Association of Appraisers).