Accepting the challenge to invest in digital transformation, by the Seatbelt company, together with the reliable partner Roweb, meant obtaining top results directly impacting all parties involved in the project: clients, partners, and employees.

Seatbelt is one of Romania’s largest labor protection companies, offering consultancy and periodic safety inspections.

Its primary services are: writing and implementing procedures for emergency situations, training employees, preparing risk assessment documentation, writing online courses for labor protection, preparing employment files etc.


The digital solutions developed by Roweb have increased internal and external productivity

To streamline the Seatbelt activity, Roweb has developed a CRM solution, available in both web and mobile versions, and an e-learning platform.

After the implementation, the Seatbelt representatives say that they have noticed concrete results in their work, such as:

  • increasing the efficiency of internal activities up to 4x;
  • 0% errors and unsynchronized data – which translates into a considerable improvement in the internal-external communication process;
  • 15% reduction in payroll costs without stopping the recruitment process or the company’s productivity;
  • increasing the loyalty of existing customers: digitalization was a guarantee regarding the quality of services, by realizing automating some of the services;
  • increasing the client portfolio: Seatbelt attracted a more significant number of clients through digitization because the system allowed remote efficiency, more transparency, and better-performing services. This also brought an advantage over competitors.

Seatbelt and Roweb – partnership since 2018

In 2018, when the Seatbelt team decided to take a step towards digitization, the business environment was quiet. No pressure was detected. Moreover, in Romania, the digital transformation of businesses was still at the beginning.

Regarding this area, most investments were made in industries based on telecommunications, media and advertising, banking services, electronic commerce, etc. On the other hand, digitization was definitely not a priority in sectors such as labor protection. But, with a significant customer base, Seatbelt wanted to be among the first to align with these rules.

“Ever since 2004, we started by positioning ourselves as a provider of custom software development services for companies interested in investing in digitization. We have all the resources to support end-to-end a complex and specific digitization process, delivering scalable and modern solutions that generate added value for our customers (Seatbelt being an example in this sense),” said Viorel Costea, Roweb CEO

The project is an ongoing one. Seatbelt announced the digitization budget increase by 50% for the next three years due to the results with immediate impact. Investments in modernization will also be made in partnership with Roweb, considering the existing market trends.


About Roweb

Roweb is a software development company, present in the market since 2004. It helps to accelerate the digital transformation processes of companies of different sizes, from start-ups to companies that have become market leaders in the industry in which they operate.

Roweb develops web, desktop, and mobile applications, custom online portals, and e-commerce solutions for companies from over 30 countries.

Most international clients are from Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Romania, the USA, Holland, France, Switzerland, and Canada.