In the dynamic world of technology, innovation is not just about creating something new; it’s also about turning existing software into reliable, modern and long lasting ones, transforming legacy systems into modern, high-performing solutions. One such remarkable journey is the nGage project, spearheaded by Roweb, a leading European custom software development company.

The nGage project embarked on its transformative journey in February 2014 with a singular objective: to rebuild an existing solution and elevate it to new heights of performance and functionality. Over the years, this project has evolved through four main stages, each marked by significant milestones and achievements.

At the heart of its success lies Roweb’s custom approach to development, which has generated a profound impact at multiple levels. From the initial context of the project to the innovative technologies employed, they delivered exceptional results.

The client, nGAGE, is an award-winning organization investing in high-growth recruitment businesses. With a genuine commitment to supporting and empowering specialists, nGAGE sought a reliable and experienced development team to revamp their existing solution. Enter Roweb, a trusted partner with over 20 years of experience in delivering end-to-end development services.

The nGage project unfolded across four main stages, each building upon the foundation laid by the previous phase:

V1: Improving the existing solution through modern programming technologies

Roweb’s first task was to enhance the functionality and performance of the existing solution using modern programming techniques. This involved optimizing the software and redesigning the user interface to improve usability and efficiency.

V2: Rewriting the entire project and creating a whole new solution

Recognizing the limitations of the legacy code, Roweb embarked on a bold initiative to rewrite the entire project from scratch. The result was a robust, high-performing solution that exceeded the client’s expectations.

V3: Extending the new solution with custom features & functionalities

As the project continued to evolve, Roweb collaborated closely with nGAGE to incorporate custom features and functionalities tailored to their specific needs. This iterative approach ensured that the solution remained flexible and adaptable to changing requirements.

V4: Switching to microservices & turning it into a mobile-first app

In response to emerging trends and user preferences, Roweb transitioned the solution to a microservices architecture, enabling greater scalability and flexibility. Additionally, the platform was transformed into a mobile-first application, catering to the evolving needs of users on the go.

Throughout the project, Roweb’s extended team model proved to be instrumental in delivering exceptional results. Comprising experienced professionals across various roles, including backend and frontend developers, mobile developers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists, Scrum Masters, and Tech Leads, the team exhibited unparalleled dedication and expertise.

Technologically, the nGage project leveraged a diverse stack of technologies, including ASP.NET, SQL Server, jQuery, WebAPI, VueJS, Azure, and more. This comprehensive toolkit empowered Roweb to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions that exceeded client expectations.

Check out the case studies from the nGage project that highlight the tangible impact of Roweb’s efforts: