Since 2004, the software development company Roweb has been providing maintenance and support services to international clients as part of their end-to-end software development process.

Often seen as the last stage of the software development process, the maintenance and support part ensures that the application functions properly after implementation. Furthermore, this service allows customers to request new functionalities to enhance the user experience and take the application to the next level. 

Additionally, the support and maintenance team is responsible for resolving any post-implementation issues directly related to the operation of the project or application. They also provide training-type support to help business owners understand how the product operates.

The maintenance and support services allow early identification of the problems of an application and can lead to essential savings of time, money or other resources allocated by the client.


What is the approach of the Roweb team regarding maintenance & support?

The maintenance and support service offered by the Roweb company includes several approaches:

Application monitoring: Even if the development part has been completed, the Roweb support & maintenance team closely follows all alerts to identify and immediately solve any problem that may affect the project or application.

Project maintenance: Roweb offers complete maintenance services, including server and service management, periodic backups, updates and application support. The team also provides performance analyses to ensure the proper functioning of the required solution.

Advanced security measures: Roweb experts can help establish security measures for all levels and services, including limiting and monitoring user access.

Also, they can implement organisational and technical procedures to protect personal data, ensuring security against potential attacks.

Support and assistance: The Roweb team is ready to face challenges. The assigned experts first analyse the signalled situation based on some evaluation criteria and establish the priorities, then solve the requests quickly and efficiently using the Agile methodology.

Thus, the Roweb development team offers maintenance and support services covering all the necessary roles and processes to develop a customised application. 

This makes them a reliable partner for entrepreneurs who want to keep up with the digital transformation process and automate their business processes.

About Roweb Company:

Roweb is a software development company with vast experience developing complex applications, starting in 2004.

Teams of software developers can create business applications from scratch that are intuitive and scalable, or they can update existing applications to keep up with new trends, needs and requirements.

A dedicated development team is assigned to each application, thus guaranteeing that each project receives the attention and support it needs.

Roweb emphasises long-term partnerships. The company’s approach includes carefully analysing the client’s needs and identifying the right software services. Roweb’s most extended collaboration started in 2006.