Join BRCC for our upcoming webinar together with Ciprian Sandu, Member of the BRCC Board of Directors.

Date: 30 th June, 10.00-11.00 am

Find out about the opportunity of dialogue with institutional stakeholders through the Coalition for Romania’s Development (Coaliţia).

Learn about Coaliţia’s mission and way of work, what would be the benefits for BRCC members and how you can get involved.

The webinar will include a Q&A session, where members could address any inquiry about the BRCC representation in Coaliţia.

Why to attend?

  • What is Coalitia and how does it work?
  • Update on BRCC presence in Coalitia
  • What are the key benefits and how to get involved

Our speaker:  Ciprian Sandu, Member of the BRCC Board of Directors

About Ciprian

Ciprian Sandu is a non-executive director and member of the BRCC Board since 2017. Starting this year, the Board appointed him to coordinate the BRCC representation in the Coalition for Romania’s Development. He has over 13 years experience in the governmental field, external communication and public affairs, working for various entities in public sector, communication advice, trade associations and financial services area. Ciprian is specialized in reputation and stakeholders’ management. He also possess an in-depth knowledge of both domestic and European institutional architecture and decision-making process. His educational background includes a bachelor degree in public administration and a master degree in European integration from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. Furthermore, he completed several courses in Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, European Affairs and Management.


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