A practical guide to transparency under GDPR

Date:18/01/2022 11:00 am
Location: Online

The BRCC and MPR Partners are delighted to invite you to a complimentary webinar to discuss in detail about the transparency obligation under the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Tackling an abundant selection of useful information, Senior Privacy & Technology Consultant Cristina Crețu and Managing Associate Daniel Alexie will discuss about the basics of an information notice and its drafting and about the enforcement actions taken so far by the data protection authorities. An information notice sits at the forefront of the data protection program and it is the instrument meant to ensure that the data subjects are well informed about the data processing activities of a company.

The webinar, a must for those willing to acquire straightforward and untangled information about GDPR, is set to take place on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, starting 11:00 EET and should not exceed 90 minutes, Q&A session included. In these 90 minutes we will try to navigate the requirements put in place by GDPR when it comes to an information notice and decipher the secrets of a comprehensive information notice, such as:

  • what information should be included and how the same should be organized to provide, in a clear and easy to understand language, all the information prescribed by GDPR;
  • when is the right moment to amend an information notice, only when new processing activities are included or each and every time there are indications that its provisions are not clear enough and easy to be understood by the data subject; and
  • many more useful tips and pointers.

We will try to combine in our webinar both the experience of an in-house counsel who navigated through the complicated process of drafting an information notice and of an external counsel who advised clients in this process.

Cristina Crețu – Senior Privacy & Technology Consultant – Cristina possesses vast experience in telecom and technology matters, spanning regulatory, competition, M&A and contractual projects. She equally possesses widely acknowledged data privacy acumen, having acted as DPO for one of the largest telecom companies, formerly part of Liberty Global group. Her solid background in the in-house departments of major corporations helped her gain valuable experience and soft skills in dealing with business clients. She is in addition a very efficient and insightful case handler and a truly skilled communicator. Bio

Daniel Alexie – Managing Associate – Daniel provides valuable assistance to major corporate clients with regard to various legal advisory matters, spanning IP, IT & Telecom, data privacy (assisting clients on adapting their corporate policy to comply with EU and Romanian privacy laws, including the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation) as well as advertising and consumer protection aspects. His expertise equally covers M&A, corporate & commercial, competition and employment areas of practice. Daniel represents sound international and local clients in various sectors such as industry, services, entertainment and healthcare. Daniel is a versatile and adaptable professional, showing team player and good strategy related skills, alongside multitasking abilities. Bio