With the arrival of spring, events such as March 1 and 8 offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate women, both personally and professionally. 

Thus, the Romanian software development company, Roweb, highlights some aspects related to its team, bringing the women in the company into the spotlight.


What it means to work in the Roweb team: women’s perspective 

Of the total of 130+ Roweb’s employees, 24% are women. More precisely, we are talking about women whose logical thinking is perfectly intertwined with creativity to face the challenges of a technical and dynamic industry.

However, Roweb representatives say that employment was never based on “exclusion vs inclusion” concepts within the software development company. Instead, the employee’s professional preparation and soft skills have always influenced the selection decision.

That’s why, currently, Roweb has women in its team working for over 10 years on projects, constantly building a successful career in the tech industry.

The roles occupied by women in Roweb are very diverse: from IT positions (programmer, Q&A Engineer etc.) to leadership roles (team leaders, project managers etc.), but also support ones (marketing specialist, Resources Humans etc.).

Furthermore, every year, the company organizes internship programs where professional motivation, desire for development and programming skills are the main factors in the selection process.

That is why a significant part of the interns are women who now work as full-time employees.

Asked what the main reasons that made them stay in the Roweb team are, we received answers such as the dynamics of the work environment and the fact that no day is monotonous or dull, the possibility of professional development and the desire to combine the creative side with the tech part. 

Starting from these principles, Roweb aligns itself with modern companies where the emphasis is on the quality of the work process. The brand’s philosophy, whose foundations have been defined since 2004, is based on a flexible work environment where women and men receive support in building careers.


Other details about the Roweb team:

  • The software development company offers end-to-end services that help entrepreneurs keep up with the digital transformation process.
  • Roweb means 130+ employees. Regarding the software development part, more than half of them are seniors with experience. Also, when taking over a project, the development team covers all the essential roles: developers, QA engineers, project managers, Dev Ops or technical consultants.
  • The work methodology is related to Agile principles, which are based on developing intelligent functionalities that immediately impact businesses. Also, correct information and compliance with deadlines are some of the defining aspects.
  • Roweb develops projects such as Mobile applications, e-Commerce platforms, and business applications for clients from over 30 countries.
  • At the moment, Roweb means three offices in three important cities in the country: Pitesti, Bucharest, and Craiova. The headquarters will be expanded with two more floors in the next period.
  • Most projects come from industries such as: Human Resources, Real Estate, Transport, Tourism or the Financial-Banking industry.