BRCC and WECO Travel have the pleasure to invite you to the webinar “It’s safe to travel. We are here to help” on the 6th of October between 10:00-11:00 on Zoom platform.

As the market leaders in terms of Corporate Travel & Events management in the region, WECO Travel is represented over the CEE markets in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and globally through Radius Travel international network.

For more than 22 years WECO Travel has offered to its customers personalised travel services through the dedicated expertise of its employees and takes every client into a dedicated customer journey.

Having continuous dedication in offering personalised solutions to its customers, WECO Travel provides the newest and customized digital platforms, which ensure to our customers the travel experience in: safety, digitalisation of travel processes, mobility, cost-saving solutions and transparency.

During the Covid-19 period, WECO Travel Romania was a leader in the market offering reliable information from official sources such as: airline companies, hotels, rent-a-car, inssurance companies, airports administrations and other partners by  organising monthly webinars dedicated to the information of our customers about the actual situation from the travel & events industry and its perspective.

For references, please find here the recording of WECO Travel webinars:

Key topics for discussion:

1) how the safety measures are implemented by our suppliers in the actual travel environment;

2) online technologies dedicated for the travelers’ safety and digitalisation of the travel management process.



1.       Mr. Florin Dimitrescu – General manager at the National Airport Company Bucharest

Florin Dimitrescu

2.       Mr. Zlatko Zlatic – General Manager Romania & Moldova Lufthansa Group

Zlatko Zlatic

3.       Mr. Dan Volentir – General Manager Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest 

Dan Volentir


Facilitators from BRCC:

  1. Mr. Neil McGregor – Chairman of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

Neil McGregor

Facilitators fom Weco Travel Romania:

  1. Mr. Florin Tancu-General Director

Florin Tancu

  1. Mr. Mihai Vasile-Commercial Director

Mihai Vasile


To whom we address with invitation: 

Representatives of companies in any domain that have business travel and Corporate events needs.

The purpose of the webinar

To encourage the decision makers in corporations to update their travel policies to the actual reality, so that their employees will travel again safely. We can help our customers organise safe business travels and successful events offline/online/hibrid in this period.

Reasons to attend:

– find out the latest news in the travel industry and safety measures taken by our suppliers and partners;

– be the first person in your company to receive these news and share them with your colleagues;

– have the chance to find out directly from travel professionals what is the safest way to book and travel nowadays;

– know who you can rely on, if you need assistance or support.

– to be informed and up-to-date with the most professional solutions in traveller’s safety and integration of those in the online travel booking platform CYTRIC Travel, that could be implemented by Weco Travel Romania.



10:00-10:05 – introduction by Mr. Neil McGregor

10:05-10:10- introduction by Mr. Florin Tancu

10:10-10:20- Mr. Florin Dimitrescu-General manager at the National Airport Company Bucharest

10:20-10:30-Mr. Zlatko Zlatic-General Manager Romania & Moldova Lufthansa Group

10:30-10:40-Mr. Dan Volentir-General Manager Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest

10:40-10:50-safety measures ISOS/IJET & CYTRIC Travel integration-Mr. Mihai Vasile

10:50-11:00-Q&A session


Please enroll for this webinar at this link. We are looking forward to have you present.