The “eco” segment tripled in Romania: Toyota Hybrid, the driving force behind the “green” vehicles growth

The “eco” segment tripled during the first 6 months of the year. This is largely due to the sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles, with 863 delivered units and a market share of 88%.

 According to the APIA report, the eco vehicles market (hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric) increased to 977 units during the first 6 months of the year as compared to last year’s 310 units, which shows the customers’ growing preference for alternative propulsions. Toyota Hybrid, the number 1 producer in the segment, delivered 791 units of the total eco vehicles market, while Lexus Hybrid delivered 72 units, together representing 88% of the total.

In terms of performance, Yaris Hybrid was the best sold model with 252 units, followed by Auris Hybrid with 201 units. The hybrid version of the RAV4 legend ranks third with 178 units, and the newest hybrid model in the brand’s portfolio, Toyota C-HR, ranks fourth, with 158 units by now.

During the same period, the best sold Lexus model is Lexus RX with 46 units, followed by Lexus NX with 22 units.

The Toyota hybrid system combines two power sources for propulsion. By combining a thermal (gasoline) engine with an electric engine, the benefits of both power sources are fully exploited: increased power, on one hand, and increased operational efficiency, on the other hand.

Toyota is the world’s leader in hybrid-vehicle sales, with more than 10 million units on the roads. The first series vehicle with hybrid propulsion system is Toyota Prius, developed by the company in 1998.



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