Support Educlick 1/2017 and help us donate 500 computers for the education of Romania’s disadvantaged kids!

Afis Asoclick

Romania is the second poorest country in the EU, where high income inequality persists and the educational gap between urban and rural areas gets deeper and deeper. And, as the European coalition “Digital Skills and Jobs” underlines it, computer skills will soon be mandatory for almost all tomorrow’s jobs and digital illiteracy has already become a determining handicap.

In response to this phenomenon and in order to reduce this divide, Ateliere Fara Frontiere has been helping since 2008 the schools and Non-Profits acting in the country’s most vulnerable communities by donating more than 10.000 computers, refurbished in our Bucharest Work Integration workshop, with the support of ECOTIC, which is the only Romanian collective scheme supporting the reuse of WEEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

On April 3rd, Ateliere Fara Frontiere launched a new edition of its digital solidarity program, Educlick. Until April 30th, educational and social institutions, Non Profits and foundations all over the country are invited to apply on with their projects using IT to support equal access to a modern education and thus reduce Romania’s digital and educational gap. The best projects will be selected by a jury of independent experts and partners and will receive in May 500 plug-and-play computers with the proper software and warranty.

How can you get involved ? Help Ateliere Fara Frontiere donate one or more computers, support one or more educational and inclusion projects, by:

– donating at a personal level through a crowd funding campaign on the GlobalGiving plaform here

– involving your company through a small sponsorship. You will find all the details on Ateliere Fara Frontiere’s website here

Donate between April 5th and May 15th and take part with us to this integrated social and circular economy project to tackle the challenge represented by the improvement of Romania’s educational system, mostly in the country’s poorest communities: this is the digital solidarity chain.

About Ateliere Fara Frontiere and the Educlick digital solidarity program

Ateliere Fara Frontiere (AFF) is a Romanian Work Integration Non-Profit Organization, founded in May 2008, which aims at accompanying marginalized and vulnerable people towards the traditional job market. The organization’s missions are to fight against exclusion, to fight against waste and pollution, to promote solidarity with education and local development.

Ateliere Fara Frontiere encourages the improvement of digital skills among young people. The Educlick 1/2017 project is part of the national digital solidarity program Educlick, through which 10.000 computers have been donated to more than 2.000 projects since 2008 and benefited to 300.000 people, mostly children from disadvantaged target groups.


ECOTIC is a Non-Profit collective scheme that takes over the responsabilities of waste management of over 600 producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment. ECOTIC oversees the entire WEEE flow, in order for the WEEE not to represent a danger. Over 93.000 tons of WEEE were managed by ECOTIC in its 10 years of activity. The specialized consultancy offered to the producers of electronic equipment and batteries is a defining characteristic of ECOTIC. More details about ECOTIC are available on, Organizatia ECOTIC Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page.

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