Provident Financial Romania, nationally and internationally acknowledged Super Brand

 Bucharest, 2nd August 2017 – Provident has received Romanians’ vote of confidence and was selected as a Super Brand in Romania and recognised among companies with a strong image during the eighth edition of Superbrands.

Following a complex selection process conducted by industry specialists and 1,500 Romanian consumers participating in the Ipsos study for Superbrands Romania, Provident responded to the evaluation criteria: trust, leadership and dynamism. Thus, the Superbrand distinction confirms Provident’s recognition as a trustworthy brand which suceeds to differentiate itself in a competitive market.

Since the opening of the first branch in Romania in 2006, Provident has built step-by-step a brand which has won the trust of its customers and has shown responsibility, clarity and transparency in its relationship with them. Thus, almost 70% of our customers returned after paying the first loan and continued to choose Provident’s products and services. Approximately one-third of customers have already taken the fifth loan, which is the recognition of the relationship of trust, understanding and financial responsibility that the company has built with them.

“The Provident brand is built on the stories of our customers. We have asked them about their needs, listened to them and adapted our messages, products and services depending on their continually changing needs. We know what is important to them and we know when it is worth for them to take one step forward, so we constantly analyse the evolution of their preferences, their financial situation, the needs which determine them to take a loan, their plans for the future – it is important for us not only to provide the right products, but also to ensure that the loan will not be a burden for them. We believe in their current opportunities, not in a future that repeatedly postponed. Our clients are focusing more and more on investing in the present, with medium and long-term benefits. We plan for the evolution of the Provident brand to be as fluent as it was until now and we commit to always offer the right products for the needs of our customers”, declared Marilena Bârliga, Provident Marketing Director.

2017, was, for Provident, a year of acknowledging its professionalism and efficiency in defining and implementing its marketing strategies. The company won the Bronze Effie Award in the category for Sustained Success for the results of the marketing campaigns implemented from 2013 to 2016 within the communication platform “When it is important for you”. The brand was recognized for the manner in which its communication and product structure have been permanently adapted in order for Provident to be relevant for ever larger categories of customers. The Romanian EFFIE Awards is a high-level event of the marketing and communication industry, organised by the International Advertising Association Romania (IAA Romania), in partnership with the Romanian Union of Advertising Agencies (UAPR) and implemented by The Institute.

The International Golden Hammer Festival, with a tradition of nearly 30 years and more than 25 countries participating annually, has awarded a diploma for the “Happy calls” campaign in the PR category.

‘Initially, the project started from the company’s desire to recognize the efforts of the operators in the Client service department, who, during holidays, answer calls with the same dedication as any other day of the year, loan requests, more urgent and more important than ever before. They are the ones who, on Christmas Eve, place the needs of the customers first”, added Marilena Bârliga Provident Marketing Director.

By the recognition of the brand awarded by both consumers and specialists, Provident stands out among companies from the financial industry through the uniqueness of the products and services it offers its customers, and through a coherent and efficient commercial communication.



About Provident Financial Romania

Provident Financial Romania is part of the British group International Personal Finance (IPF), one of the most important European home credit suppliers. The Group has 2.6 million clients in 9 European countries, as well as in Mexico and Australia. IPF is one of the largest British employers from Central and South-east Europe and one of the most powerful international companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

From 2006 onwards, Provident has invested almost 300 million euros in Romania and has contributed to the state budget with taxes worth more than 80 million euros. Since 2016, the company has become the biggest British employer in Romania, with approximately 3.000 employees and is one of the biggest employers in Romanian economy.

Provident develops and supports various social responsibility projects  – financial education programmes, development of young talents, support for disadvantaged groups – in which, until this moment, it has invested close to 1 million euros.


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