Nine O’clock: The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce delivering value to its members and partners for 20 Years

Colin C Lovering ISM, Chairman of The BRCC:

As Chairman of The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, I am delighted and proud to be part of a truly significant, dynamic and traditionally friendly institution that has literally supported hundreds of organisations and individuals over the past 20 years looking to continually develop and discover trading opportunities between the UK and Romania whilst, at the same time, creating a wonderfully inspiring community of both business connections and deep friendships between our valued members.

As a BRCC member myself I can gladly say that I have personally gained a great deal of benefit and valuable connections through the last few years and I am very grateful that the BRCC team has always dedicated themselves to maintaining and developing the core values of the organization based around our three trustworthy pillars of Ability, Benevolence and Integrity.

Even with the distracting uncertainty of the last 2 years that Brexit has challenged us with, our overriding confidence and engagement with our members and partners from the British Embassy and DiT has ensured that we continue to grow and guide and support towards an extremely bright future for the Romanian and UK business community both here and in the UK.

Finally, I wish to sincerely thank our BRCC board of Directors, our members and partners for the wonderful journey and experience so far and wish everyone great success and prosperity for the years ahead.

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