Netcity Telecom statistics, H1, 2019

Netcity Telecom statistics, H1, 2019:  1,520 km of infrastructure and 20,300 connected buildings. For more information click here.

Netcity Telecom, part of E-INFRA group, today announces the evolution statistics for the Bucharest metropolitan fiber optic network, until the first half of 2019: 1,520 km of underground network built and 20,300 connected buildings in Romania’s Capital, from the beginning of the project.

From the start of 2018m until the end of June 2019, the Netcity infrastructure has grown by over 560 kilometers and 7,500 buildings have been connected to the network.

“After taking over the project and restarting works in the second half of 2017, we worked faster and more efficiently, in order to develop this infrastructure project that benefits the Capital, run with 100% private funding, meant to significantly grow the quality of the telecom infrastructure, the confort and the safety within the city. Netcity is among the most active and ambitious infrastructure development projects in Romania and we make all efforts to overcome all obstacles, in our mission to continue and constantly improve the work-flow, from operations, up to communicating with the residents and the necessary attention to the technological advancements,” says Adrian Răcășan, Administrator, Netcity Telecom.

At present, the Netcity network already covers the main boulevards and touristic areas in Bucharest, and works continue to advance on the side streets. Every day, over 200 people work, on different groups of streets, to further expand the infrastructure.

A Netcity evolution record was registered in September 2018, when the network has grown, in Bucharest, with no less than 50 kilometers.

A ranking of the streets that already have the most buildings connected is listed below:  

  • Șoseaua Giurgiului, with 211 buildings;
  • Calea Griviței, with 185 buildings;
  • Strada Popa Nan, with 183 buildings;
  • Calea Șerban Vodă, with 146 buildings;
  • Calea Floreasca, with 133 buildings.

In order to attain the targeted expansion speed and objectives, Netcity Telecom has invested 100% private funds that have exceeded the revenue generated from operating the network.

About Netcity Telecom

Netcity Telecom was founded In 2017, in order to build and operate the ‘Netcity’ Bucharest metropolitan fiber optic network, aimed at facilitating the migration of aerial cables underground.

The Netcity project brings important benefits for Bucharest,by creating a safe, modern and neutral underground telecom network, so that users can enjoy the highest standard of telecom services. For the future of the Bucharest infrastructure, along with tackling the ever-growing challenge of the poles overburdened by cables, Netcity aims to maintain technical standards that can attract IT&C Investments and can ensure the development of smart-city and IoT solutions meant to increase the quality of life.

Netcity Telecom is part of a group of five energy and telecom infrastructure companies, along with Electrogrup SA, Direct One SA, Nova Power & Gas SRL and WESEE SRL, under the E-INFRA holding umbrella. More information is available at