MediHelp attended the 2nd Excellence in Health Insurance – Health Insurance Reference Event

Between the 15th and the 16th March 2018, the 2nd Excellence in Health Insurance conference was held in Vienna – a reference event in the health insurance industry. Within it, trends and challenges in the field were highlighted, the importance of innovation and the impact of these factors on productivity growth were discussed. Equally, the participants explored the reasons why millennials prefer the insurers with a sustained presence in the digital environment.

Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International, has accepted the invitation to participate as a speaker with Alex Denton, Senior Business Development Manager at International Healthcare at LAMP Insurance and alongside Professor Michael Stark, President of The New European Surgical Academy (NESA). The common message was that through close collaboration between world-class specialists and the health insurance sector – through NESAcard – it is possible to give all people access to top healthcare anywhere in the world.

After a brief introduction about MediHelp International – the leading private health insurance provider with international coverage in Central and Eastern Europe – Zahal Levy presented statistics on cancer patients in Europe and highlighted the scale of social responsibility in the field. He emphasized the need for the sales force to focus on insurance plans that best suit insured persons, not just on those who bring the highest commissions.

Equally, Zahal Levy discussed NESAcard – a social insurance plan that fulfills three important goals:  funding initial medical investigations, getting support in medical navigation, and offering a second medical opinion when diagnosed with cancer. It should be emphasized that this is a charitable contribution to medical progress in cancer research and treatment in Europe.

Professor Michael Stark’s intervention focused on the fact that through NESAcard anyone can have access to consultations and treatment at the best medical center that meets their needs. Within this international network are well-known specialists in oncology and immunology, urology, surgery, anesthesia, preventive medicine, ENT, obstetrics, and gynecology. The great opportunity is due to The New European Surgical Academy, which was created in 2004 as an initiative of the world’s best surgeons who wanted to make available new ideas and surgical procedures in order to bring added value to the current surgical and oncological treatment.

Finally, Alex Denton spoke about the importance of innovation in medicine and its impact on the health insurance industry. The alliance between medical pioneers, health insurance companies, and insured people has many benefits: patients can receive innovative treatments and second medical opinions about their health problem and the most appropriate treatment to follow; insurance companies have immediate access to the latest findings in medicine, and researchers in the field benefit from additional funding that can accelerate the path to new revolutionary research.

One of the conclusions of the conference was that in an industry with a unique business model and with many stakeholders, it is important that the beneficiary of an insurance plan is at the forefront and can easily access the treatment which they need at the highest standards.

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