Join BCR-InnovX Accelerator

Today, more than ever, companies need to be updated to today’s technologies and to be open for changes. We, at BCR, are active in the financial sector, one of the most competitive and disrupted sectors, and we understand that the traditional way of doing business is no longer enough. Companies need to reinvent products, services and solutions adapted to the current needs of the public.

That is why BCR joined its forces with InnovX for creating an entrepreneurial innovation hub and a European business center, under the umbrella of BCR-InnovX Accelerator. This program is dedicated to business ideas that use advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Security, Fintech, Automated Learning, Robotics, Cloud or Micro services in all business areas and sectors.

Recently, BCR has started the registrations for a new group of technology driven start-ups and ideas, called the Grinders. For the first time a business accelerator has dedicated spots for teams coming from large corporates.

Three out of the ten start-ups and business ideas that will be selected in BCR-InnovX Accelerator are allocated for large companies that have dedicated teams with an ambitious idea that can improve the performance of the company. The registrations will close on 20 May 2019 and the best ideas and start-ups will be selected by a very experienced jury.

Reasons for joining BCR-InnovX Accelerator:

  • Main partners of the project: UiPath, Mindspace, Startup Grind (in partnership with Google for Startups), ECSIF (European Centre for Services, Investments and Financing) ans Swissway
  • Intensive entrepreneurial education program with MIT curricula – three months Bootcamp @ Mindscape co-working space
  • It’s a non-equity accelerator, as BCR has a responsibility towards the Romanian business community, and young companies and entrepreneurs need
  • International exposure at global expositions such, through Startup Grind, the largest online startups community, and Mindspace, the most interactive global network of co-working spaces
  • Access to European grants through dedicated services offered by ECSIF
  • Tech services for testing IT solutions: with advanced tools from Google for Startups, UiPath, Amazon and many more.

Please check the attached newsletter for details. You can also access the website of the BCR-InnovX Accelerator: