Companies reduce their costs by outsourcing mobility services

In Europe and especially in the UK, more and more companies are choosing to outsource mobility services by opting for car rental companies or those who make transfers to and from the airport at the expense of their fleets.

Globe News Wire and other specialist publications appreciate the outsourcing of these services as a cost-cutting strategy but also a means of streamlining the process. Given that at both national and international levels companies are looking for the most appropriate solutions for lowering the budgets allocated to their core business departments and activities, opting for airport transfers to and from is becoming a profitable alternative.

Choosing a collaborator for airport transfers services brings significant benefits to a company, says Ortansa David, General Manager, David Intercar. Reducing costs is possible by simply giving up having a company car fleet, the maintenance of which involves the allocation of a generous budget. In this way, the company no longer needs insurance, fuel and dedicated staff, no longer has to pay motorway tolls, airport car parking fees and no longer has to cover many other hidden costs. Thus, each year, a company will have an additional budget that it can be invested in development or other key business areas, says Ortansa David.

The tendency to outsource mobility services has emerged in the USA more than ten years ago, after which it has reached Europe, predicting it will be more and more visible in Romania in the next period. With global industry reaching over 124 million dollars by 2022, national growth is projected to increase significantly and to accelerate dynamics both in the corporate area and in terms of business and leisure tourism.