Christmas gift offered by Nomade Communication

The Public Relations Agency Nomade Communication offers in December 2017, a free corporate communication advisory to all members of the Romanian-British Chamber of Commerce (BRCC). Its purpose is to help build and maintain a prolific business environment based on an opened dialogue developed by the interested companies.

The initiative started from a willingness to help companies to communicate as effectively as possible with all their stakeholders. The agency’s support is due to the growing demand for information and transparency, so there is a valid concern manifested by the companies to invest in their communication strategy. The project takes place in December, as the end-of-year is the period when business objectives are reset. Moreover, the exploratory analysis will provide a complete perspective of the Romanian market position and will help them to establish accessible objectives.

About the agency’s contribution to the national and international business environment, Adriana Cocîrță, CEO & Owner Nomade Communication: A key element in building a business strategy is the decision to approach all of the company’s interest partners: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, etc. Through an integrated communication strategy that sets out this approach and implementation method, a company will be able to achieve its business goals for 2018.

Nomade Communication is a communication and PR agency that provides each client with an integrated and tailor-made communication strategy to support the overall business strategy. The goal of the agency is, by changing the perspective,  to generate added value not only for target audiences but also for all the categories of shareholders that the company has.