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Sense International Romania – SI(R) was established in February 2001. At that time, there was no word in the Romanian dictionary for deafblindness, let alone services for people who have both visual and hearing impairments. According to authorities, there were no deafblind people in Romania…
For the past 10 years, SI(R) has been working in partnership with others – deafblind people, their families, carers and professionals – to ensure that everyone facing challenges because of deafblindness has access to advice, opportunities and support. Since 2006, Romanian legislation recognizes deafblindness as a distinct disability.
Through the Early Intervention programme, newborn babies and young children benefit from diagnosis, rehabilitation and early intervention. Babies have this fantastic chance with the support of multidisciplinary teams consisting of doctors, special education teachers, psychologists, as well as parents. Now, newborn babies have their hearing and vision screened at birth, and if problems are identified, they begin an individualized rehabilitation programme in our early intervention support centres.
– 27,000 babies had their hearing and/or vision screened in Bucharest, Oradea and Timisoara;
– 53 deafblind/multisensory impaired children received early intervention services;
– 3 multidisciplinary teams consisting of 11 early intervention workers and 12 medical professionals provide services in 3 Early Intervention Support Centres.
Through the Education programme, we want to improve and develop adequate educational services for deafblind/multisensory impaired children. This programme provides children with the opportunity to be educated, using specific methods and techniques, by teachers trained by SI(R) over the years. Special schools in Romania now have classes for deafblind/MSI children, taught by teachers specialised in working with children with hearing and visual impairments.
– 15 special schools from all over Romania provide services for 140 deafblind children, in 35 deafblind units;
– 85 special education teachers trained to work with deafblind children (11 national trainers in the field).
This project received ERSTE Social Integration Recognition and Practitioners’ Awards in 2009.