SelfTrust Academy

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SELFTRUST Academy is a training company founded by the sales and public speaking trainers Alin Comsa and Andrei Dunuţă. SELFTRUST Academy means unconventional and creative learning, combining elements of training with elements from various fields such as theater, music, literature, and painting. We offer a unique personal experience through: novelty, relaxation, inspiration, a touch of culture, friendly atmosphere and expertise.

At SELFTRUST Academy, we create real events with real people for our trainees who learn to speak in public: “Who’s King in Public Speaking?

Because, only when you are in a real environment, you are motivated to give all you’ve got as a speaker

Because, the experiences lived on stage in front of hundreds of people help you grow in one day as others grow in one year

Therefore, we created the concept of live shows, like “Voice of Romania”, and adapted it for public speaking, so “Who’s King in Public Speaking?” came to life as a unique event

Over 800 people attended the 4 editions of “Who’s King in Public Speaking?” and enjoyed the competition between over 60 speakers coming from big companies in Romania, for the title of The Best Speaker

Oana Constantinescu – Key Account Manager

“A truly great event that inspires, motivates and is a great source of knowledge, learning and development. I recommend you as professionals, for your results and creativity.”

Ana Jitarita – Communication Manager “An extraordinary example for the people who did not have the chance to speak in public. You convinced me.”

Nicolae Ciobotaru – Unit Manager

“Experience and humanity”

Why “Who’s King in Public Speaking?” Corporate Edition Sounds familiar? :

“I would like to learn new ways of engaging the employees”

So: Why you should attend?

Innovation & Employee Engagement: This is a new method of employee engagement, giving them the chance to grow professionally, but to also have fun and relaxation in the company

Development and learning: The ability to communicate efficiently and to motivate through public speaking is essential to every manager in the company. The company representant will attend a public speaking trainig which will help him give a clear and convincing speech

Inspiration & Innovation: The employee will represent the company in the open competition and will have the chance to show his skills and engagement in a challenging framework, alongside other professionals from other economic fields

Teambuilding & Entertaiment

The employees will encourage their representant at the final competition, in a fun and relaxing framework, which will streghten the relationship between colleagues

Networking: The training and also the competition will offer your employees the opportunity to interact with other professionals from different industries