SCPA Pârvu si Asociatii

Str. Vasile Conta nr. 4, etaj 3-5
Sector 2, București

Phone: 004031.100.66.52
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Pârvu si Asociatii has been fully active on the Romanian market for more than 30 years. The practice was established in 1981 by Mircea Pârvu and at the moment it has evolved into an associate law office named SCPA Pârvu si Asociatii.

Our company  has been present ever since the beginning of the first foreign investments in Romania and has been an active part in the first privatisation cases in the 90s and in the market entry of many foreign investors in Romania.

The core areas of expertise have evolved around real estate law and construction and expanded into intelectual property and the film industry where lawyer Theodor Pârvu has an extensive experience.

A good deal of practice focuses also on commercial litigation, labour law and insurance regulation and a special emphasys is brought by lawyer Mircea Pârvu in handling complex and high profile white collar criminal cases.

The firm also has extensive expertise related to infrastructure projects in air freight, civil aviation and assistance for higher education institutions.

Our firm has succesfully advised private and corporate clients, big and small, in front of all Romanian Courts and multiple courts of arbitration.