Radulescu & Musoi Attorneys at Law

31 Grigore Mora, Sector 1

T: 0040 021 233 94 46
F: 0040 021 233 94 93


Rădulescu Mușoi is a law firm established in 2011 by a team of experienced lawyers who worked for many years in top international law firms and recently decided to set up their own practice. In less than 2 years the organization already counted more than 20 lawyers which is likely the most successful start-up in Romania in recent years.

The firm has the right resources combined with a track record that allows delivering dedicated services at international standards, in a very competitive manner. The firm delivers high quality work predominantly to multinational clients having a strong presence in Romania.

The core team consists mostly of senior lawyers, each of them with over 10 years’ experience in counselling in the entire spectrum of business legal matters. The expertize of many of the lawyers in Rădulescu Mușoi is recognized by international ranking directories.

The strength of the firm is the business friendly approach aimed at maximizing quality, efficiency and productivity. The firm puts high emphasis on understanding business mechanics and the specifics of the industries in which their clients work.

Rădulescu Mușoi wants clients to be completely satisfied with their services, not only in the results, but also in the value that they receive.