Mihai Eminescu Trust

Studio 3, King House,
5-11 Wesbourne Grove,
W2 4 UA, London, UK

Tel:+44 (0)77 02 101 412
Email: LDH@mihaieminescutrust.org
Web: http://www.mihaieminescutrust.ro


The Trust was founded in 1987 to help dissidents keep in touch with Western culture and learning and to alert the West to Ceausescu’s plan to bulldoze Romania’s rural architecture. After the fall of Communism it evolved into its present form, dedicated to the protection of the beautiful Saxon villages of Transylvania.

The “Whole Village Project” aims to revive the economic and social life of the villages and small towns, providing school buses and medical centres, repairing houses, barns, roads and churches, and training the villagers in long- forgotten crafts. An ecological sewage plant has been installed in Viscri and a kiln for the manufacture of bricks, tiles and lime; a vast ancient orchard in Malancrav has been restored and turned to the production of organic apple-juice; repair work has been undertaken on the fortified churches of Apold, Archita, Viscri, Richis and Alma Vii, and we have helped 43 master-builders, guesthouse owners and small businesses to set up independently.
The Trust has completed over 1200 schemes in 29 villages. But there are many others that could benefit from our unique approach, and for this we badly need your support. Simon Jenkins has described our work as “exemplary conservation practice” . Please help us to keep it going.