Louis Berger

1 Nicolae Titulescu Bulevard,
Bl. A7, Sc. C, Floor 8, Ap.84
Sector 1, Bucharest

Tel: +40 21 318 2123
Fax: +40 21 318 2121
Web: www.louisberger-france.com


Louis Berger is in Romania since 1991 and successfully completed several hundred contracts for public and private sector clients in almost all counties. In Romania, it employs 240 staff working in the environment, transport, buildings and urban development sectors.

We have been one of the first international consultants in the infrastructure/building development sector in Romania and we are a recognised sector leader.

We currently implement 11 water projects, 4 waste contracts for public and private clients and a large municipal heating project. This year we concluded the most complex EU funded communication campaign for a large investment programme in Romania. We are also assisting the largest Romanian water operator to implement the biggest EU funded water project in the country. This includes a high performance GIS system and one of the most complex SCADA solutions. We have assisted with the decentralization and privatization of all regional water operators. We are performing due diligence and construction supervision in the renewable energy sector enabling the use of new municipal waste recycling technologies.

We are currently involved in all major PPP transport programmes of Romania. We have also undertaken due diligence, design and supervision of hundreds of buildings including state-of-the-art automated warehouses and other industrial facilities, residential blocks, schools and larger structures such as the National Arena where we were the only consultant present.

Since 1953 Louis Berger has worked in 140+ countries. It is an ENR top-20 ranked, $1 billion-plus global professional services corporation that helps infrastructure and development clients solve their most complex challenges. With 6,000+ engineers, economists, scientists and planners worldwide, we are unique in our ability to adapt to local situations