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Leaders Reunited – Business. Art&Culture. People and their stories.

Leaders Reunited is an online media platform, promoting the life stories of exceptional people, leaders who inspire and influence the destinies of hundreds or maybe thousands of people.

Our aim is to positively reshape perceptions in the world, on values, leadership and excellence.

It is also an educational project, set to deliver quality information and set a reference point in the Romanian business culture, by bringing leaders together.

What we do

Editorials – articles and interviews, news. Editor-in-Chief: Ms Ana Barton, Writer

Business Sections – LeadArtShip, cu Aliz Kosza; Resurse (Umane) în Leadership, cu Mirela Stere

Events – conferences, workshops, trainings and custom events

Special projects  – media, video and traveling projects:

Leadership Beyond Borders – a special editorial section, coordinated by Ms Cristina Dobreanu, dedicated to the Romanians who live and work abroad and kept their traditions and also to expats who live or work in Romania.

Leadership la Tavă, cu Oana Grecea – a special video project, where we invite a leader from Art, Culture or Business to share their values and experience while cooking their favourite food.

Leadership la Pas, cu Sori Țigăeru – a special media project, involving traveling and leadership skills.

We are here to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Join us and share your story with the world!

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